pre-press press after press control processes
pre-press press after press control processes
We receive artwork files from the customers in different kinds of format and check and make necessary adjustments so that we can have smooth production flow at the later processes while keeping in mind not to alter the original designs of our customers.

We implement CMS or Color Management System so that we can ensure that all our equipments, namely the monitors of our computers, our inkjet printers, our printing plates output equipments as well as our printing machines are able to reproduce the same color as what the customer specify.

We are one of the first people in Thailand to introduced CTP or Computer to Plate system for our plate output. This has greatly shortened our lead time beginning from when we receive the file from the customer till the time we are ready to print. As we directly output our plates directly from our computers, we have eliminated all the intermediate processes, which are otherwise present in the conventional system, thereby reducing the needs to control the redundant process variations and improving our print quality.
Our offset printing machines are capable of both conventional printing on papers and cardboards and UV printing on non-absorbent materials like plastic sheets or plastic laminated paper. Our machines are equipped with auxiliary equipments targeted for packaging printing and we are capable of printing from 1 color till 7 colors in one pass. Our multicolor machineries are able to do in-line coating
Surface finishing is applied onto the printed products to give a more attractive, glossy look and provide a strong scratch resistance layer over the printing surface. We offer a wide choice of surface finishing,
Water based or solvent-based coating is the most basic form of surface finishing. Among all type of coating, this gives the lowest gloss level.
Calendaring is a process whereby heat and pressure is applied using a super smooth steel belt so as to form a mirror-like appearance.
UV varnish coating gives the printing surface a very glossy look with a different feel from the mirror-like appearance of the calendaring process. We can choose to localize the coating, called “spot coating” or to have a full coating on the printed surface.
Silk Screen UV varnish produces the same effect as UV varnish coating but with a much thicker film layer. A spot Silk Screen UV coating on an image can augment it distinctively from
Calendaring is a process whereby heat and pressure is applied using a super smooth steel belt so as to form a mirror-like appearance.
We die-cut our cartons from the printed sheets of paperboard using top class die-cutting machines. They make accurate cuts, perform waste removal and with some of our machines, stack up the cartons ready for use in the next processes. To ensure the precision and quality, we make our dies in-house.
We are capable to of doing embossing of the surface of the packaging. And to put in more reality to the image, we make 3D embossing.
Hot foil stamping is a localized application of a metallic foil on the surface to make an image more prominent. We offer a variety of choices for the foil color and shades and upon special contract; we can apply holographic foils as a mean of identifying the authenticity of the product in a packaging. To make a packaging very attractive, we can also do a combination of hot foil stamping and embossing.
We are capable to of doing embossing of the surface of the packaging. And to put in more reality to the image, we make 3D embossing.
Our folder gluer machines which form the cartons are very versatile in producing many different kinds of carton structures. The most popular of which are straight line cartons, crushed-lock bottom cartons, four corner cartons, six corner cartons etc.
Having quality as our top priority, we keep in-house of all the critical processes that will affect the reliability of our products. Not only do we put a lot of effort in selecting our machineries and equipments, we do every means to keep under control all factors, which include quality of raw material, variation of process parameters, conditions of machineries and their parts, integrity of measuring equipments, skill and knowledge of operators etc that can affect quality of our products.
In order to be able to deliver our products as promised, the readiness in the supply of raw materials with correct quality is critical. We believe in having multiple suppliers who can supply raw materials with stable quality. With close collaboration as well as good communications with our suppliers, we are able to attain an optimum inventory level while having uninterrupted supply of raw materials for our use. We work proactively with our suppliers to ensure that what we receive meet our specifications.
Stringent control of our production process parameters gives a two-fold effect. Keeping the inevitable variation of the process parameters with acceptable limits, not only enhances us to deliver quality products to our customers, but also enable our process to produce low wastage.

Specific maintenance program for each of the machineries and equipments is performed so as they are kept at their best conditions, ready to perform their duties for our customers. We also make sure that measuring equipments are always accurate through periodic calibrations.

In our business where minute details are very important to get things right, we are very careful in designing, maintaining and reviewing our system on information flow within our organization and beyond. Internally, information is distributed online as much as possible so that everyone in the process gets up-to-date information. Records are also kept online for quick retrieval and efficient traceability.

“Anticipation for the worst” is the concept we use when we plan for a new product given by the customer. We will make sure that we have the preventive measures in place to avoid problems from happening. Fool-proof systems and Automation is employed wherever possible to pre-empt any human errors.