Kim Pai Offset is operated by Kim Pai Ltd., Part., the first company of the Kim Pai Group, started as a small printing shop mainly to produce playing cards in 1932. Business had been constant until the start of World War II, during which production of playing cards by private enterprise was banned by the government. Such situation had forced us to struggle to look for new business and this was where we entered into the field of packaging. Printing of paper label for canned foods, sauce bottles and sachets for medicine were what we ventured into. By the time the War ended, Kim Pai Offset had began to be known in the market and was entrusted by the Thai Government to print the 5 baht banknote as a backup capacity to alleviate the shortage of banknotes.

We are one of the first companies in that time to introduce Offset Printing to Thailand. With this, we were able to produce much higher quality of printing products and started to gain more reputation. We then also moved into printing of paper cartons. Since then, as we grew and gained trust from our customers, we kept on investing in machineries and equipments for every process possible to be able to have better control of the product quality.
We strive to be the leader in the field of offset printed packaging, well-known for the advanced technology, product quality, efficient operation, heartfelt service and a good place to work at for our employee.